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General challenges to agricultural production from climate change

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Environmental Impacts of Food Production


Climate Change, Global Food Security, and the U.S. Food System. U. S. Department of Agriculture


Map: Global Vegetation Health. NOAA


Three-quarters of Montana Farmers, Ranchers Anxious about Climate Change, Survey Finds. Yale Climate Connection


Food Systems Responsible for "One Third" of Human-caused Emissions. Carbon Brief


Video: Big Agricultural Companies Are Killing the Planet. The New York Times


How Russia Wins the Climate Crisis: Human Migrations Will Transform Agriculture. The New York Times Magazine


Cutting Greenhouse Gases From Food Production Is Urgent, Scientists Say. The New York Times


Climate Change Threatens the World’s Food Supply, United Nations Warns. The New York Times


Farmers Don’t Need to Read the Science. We Are Living It. The New York Times


Mark Hyman: The True Cost of Food: The Health, Economic, Environmental, and Climate Impact of Our Food System


Climate Change Food Calculator: What's Your Diet's Carbon Footprint? BBC News


Creating a Sustainable Food Future: A Menu of Solutions to Feed Nearly 10 Billion People by 2050. World Research Institute


More Farmers Worry About the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture. Yale Climate Connections


More Frequent, Intense Rains Imperil "Local Foods" Sector. Minneapolis StarTribune


Video: Science for a Hungry World: Agriculture and Climate Change


Agriculture Department Buries Studies Showing Dangers of Climate Change. Politico


Maize, Rice, Wheat: Alarm At Rising Climate Risk To Vital Crops. The Guardian


As Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise, Major Crops Are Losing Nutrients. Minnesota Public Radio


Agriculture in the Anthropocene: the Challenge is the Solution. TriplePundent


World’s Soils Have Lost 133 Billion Tons of Carbon Since the Dawn of Agriculture. Eco Watch


UN: Global Agriculture Needs a "Profound Transformation" to Fight Climate Change and Protect Food Security. The Washington Post


Future Climate Change Field Test Doesn't Make Earth Greener: Increased CO2 Doesn't Enhance Plant Growth. Minneapolis StarTribune


Global Food Production Threatens to Overwhelm Efforts to Combat Climate Change. The Conversation


The Wicked Problem of Global Food Security. Integrate course materials


"Exxons of Agriculture" Take Over World Food System. EcoWatch


New Climate Means New Challenges for Farmers. Yale Climate Connections


Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Supply. US EPA

Animal Agriculture’s Impact on Climate Change. 
Climate Nexus


10 Ways Climate Change Impacts Agriculture and Seafood. Ecocentric


Vanishing Act: Why Insects Are  Declining and Why It Matters. Yale Environment 360


The Methane Riddle: What Is  Causing the Rise in Emissions? Yale Environment 360


Losses of Soil Carbon under Climate Warming Might Equal US Carbon Emissions. University of Minnesota


U Study Quantifies Which Crop Emissions Contribute Most to Climate Change. Minnesota Public Radio


2016 Global Food Policy Report. International Food Policy Research Institute


Atrazine Weed Killer and Glyphosate Herbicide More Harmful Than Scientists Once Thought. Environmental Watch


Global Fish Stocks Depleted to "Alarming" Levels. EcoWatch

More Than Half a Million Could Die as Climate Change Impacts Diet: Report
The Guardian


Food Insecurity: Arctic Heat Is Threatening Indigenous Life in Arctic


Climate Change Is Coming: Half a Degree of Temperature Will Make a Difference in the Food We Eat. Huffington Post


Our Food Supply is Reason Enough to Act on Climate Change. Minneapolis StarTribune


Climate Change and Minnesota Agribusiness: A Reason for Hope 


Plant Hardiness Zone Map: 1990 compared to 2012. Washington Post


Report: More Pollinators Species in Jeopardy, Threatening World Food Supply


How Climate Change Could Decimate Millenia of First Nations Tradition


Air Pollution Kills 3.3 Million a Year, Much of It Tied to Agriculture


Lexicon of Food from the Lexicon of Sustainability


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