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Alternative green agricultural production practices

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FoodSpan: Curriculum with lessons on alternative agricultural systems. North American Environmental Education Association


How to Feed Ourselves in a Time of Climate Crisis. YES Magazine


Mark Bittman Explains Why the Next 100 Years of Food Will Have to Be Radically Different. GizModo


Soil Health Institute


How Soil Could Save The Planet. Science Friday audio podcast


Is Healthy Soil the Low-Tech Solution to Climate Change? Science Friday audio podcast


The Carbon Underground: Organization focused on regenerative agriculture


Beyond Sustainable: A Food System to Restore the Planet. The Nature Conservatory


What U.S. Farming Can Do to Stop Climate Change. YES Magazine


To Combat Climate Change, Start From the Ground Up (With Dirt). The New York Times


Solving the Climate Crisis Means Tackling What We Eat. Medium


California's Latest Weapon Against Climate Change is Low-tech Farm Soil. National Public Radio


Video: Harnessing the Power of the Earth: Use of composting to restore soil quality


Farmland could be Used to Sustainably Offset America’s Entire Carbon Footprint—If the Will Exists. Quartz


Soil Power: The Dirty Way to a Green Planet. The New York Times


Can Dirt Save the Earth: Agriculture could pull carbon out of the air and into the soil. The New York Times


Soil Holds Potential To Slow Global Warming, Stanford Researchers find. Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


Conventionally Farmed Land Is Literally Dirt Poor. A Vermont Couple Has Set Out To Change That. Minneapolis StarTribune


What Would It Take to Mainstream "Alternative" Agriculture: Innovative Food Systems Such as Agroecology Can Become the Norm. ENSIA


First-Ever Global Standard to Measure Food Loss and Waste Introduced by International Partnership. United Nations Environmental Program


Save and Grow in Practice: Maize, Rice, Wheat. Food and Agriculture Report of the United Nations


Creating a Sustainable Food Future. World Resources Report


Breakthroughs in Agriculture for Action on Climate Change. CGIAR


Pathways to Transformations: Adapting Our Food Systems. Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security

In America’s Heartland, Discussing Climate Change Without Saying "Climate Change.
The New York Times


2017: Agriculture Begins to Tackle Its Role in Climate Change. Inside Climate News

Soil as Carbon Storehouse: New Weapon in Climate Fight? 


Regenerative Agriculture Will Feed the World and Cool the Planet. EcoWatch


Can Organic Farming Feed the World? Environmental Watch


Carbon Farming: What Is It, and How Can It Help the Climate? Yale Climate Connections


Good Food Institute


Organic Farming: The Best Choice for our Environment and Growing World? Environmental Defense Fund


Biodiversity for a Livable Planet


Researchers Work to Make Milk Greener. Minnesota Public Radio


Sustainability of Food Systems: A Global Life Cycle Perspective. Coursera MOOC, University of Minnesota


Solving the Climate Crisis: Increasing the carbon in soils. HuffGreen


Rethinking Agriculture Protecting Biodiversity Amid Climate Chaos. Tikkun Magazine


Ten Things We Should Do To Fix Our Broken Food System. Washington Post


Biggers, J. (2015). Iowa's climate change wisdom. The New York Times


We Need a New Green Revolution. The New York Times


Isaacson, B. (2015). To feed humankind, we need the farms of the future today. Newsweek.


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