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Rising temperatures

Page history last edited by Richard Beach 10 months, 3 weeks ago

A Hotter Future Is Certain, Climate Panel Warns. But How Hot Is Up to Us. The New York Times


New Report says Winters in US are Getting "Extraordinarily warm."  The Hill


NOAA Unveils New U.S. Climate "Normals" That are Warmer than Ever. The Washington Post


"We Are Entering Uncharted Territory": Climate Crisis Made North America’s Deadly Heatwave "150 Times More Likely." The Independent


2°C: Beyond the Limit: Extreme Climate Change Has Arrived in America. The Washington Post


Bad News--The World is Getting Even Hotter Than We Thought. Medium


More Than a Third of Heat Deaths Are Tied to Climate Change, Study Says. The New York Times


People of Color More Exposed to Heat Islands, Study Finds. Associated Press


6 Arizona Counties may be Uninhabitable in Next 30 Years Due to Climate Change, Study Shows


Analysis: When Might the World Exceed 1.5C and 2C of Global Warming? Carbon Brief


Hottest Arctic Temperature Record Probably Set with 100-degree Reading in Siberia. The Washington Post


Up to 3 Billion People Could live in Too-hot Conditions by 2070: Study. The Hill


This Is Inequity at the Boiling Point. The New York Times


The Great Climate Migration. The New York Times Magazine


Killer Heat: US Racial Injustices Will Worsen as Climate Crisis Escalates. The Guardian


A New Solution to Climate Science’s Biggest Mystery. The Atlantic


Earth's Hottest Decade on Record Marked by Extreme Storms, Deadly Wildfires. Inside Climate News


"Terrifying" New Climate Models Warn of 6-7°C of Warming by 2100 If Emissions Not Slashed. Common Dream News


Temperatures Rise and We're Cooked. The New York Times


Drug-Resistant Superbugs May Be Growing Even Deadlier. Medium


On Land, Australia's Rising Heat is "Apocalyptic." In the Ocean, It's Even Worse. The Washington Post


The World’s Oceans Were The Hottest In Recorded History In 2019. Huffington Post


The Impacts of Climate Change at 1.5C, 2C and BeyondCarbonBrief


Heat: The Next Big Inequality Issue. The Guardian


World Weather Attribution


Climate Change: Current Warming "Unparalleled" in 2,000 Years. BBC News


Climate Crisis: Extremely Hot Days Could Double in US, Study Shows. The Guardian


AMERICAN WARMING: The Fastest-Warming Cities and States in the U.S. Climate Central


Extreme Hemispheric Heat Waves Like 2018's Growing More Common with Climate Change, Study Says. Inside Climate News


Climate Change’s Worst Outcome: Thermohaline Shutdown. Noteworthy


A World Without Clouds. Quanta Magazine


This Scary Map Shows How Climate Change Will Transform Your CityWired


It’s Official: 2018 Was the Fourth Warmest Year on Record. The New York Times


The American South Will Bear the Worst of Climate Change’s Costs. The Atlantic


Determine the number of hot days in the future based on your location. Climate Central


It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter. The New York Times

With Climate Change, Tree Die-Offs May Spread in the West. 
The New York Times


One of the Oldest Climate Change Experiments Has Led to a Troubling Conclusion: Warming soils release a lot of CO2. Washington Post.


Climate Progress Dashboard Forecasts Global Warming of More Than 4°C. City A.M.


Over 3,000 New Yorkers Could Die From Summer Heat Each Year by 2080. The Nation


Study: 350 million worldwide could experience deadly heat by 2050. Yale Climate Connections


Too Hot to Handle: Study Shows Earth's Killer Heat Worsens. Associated Press


Planet Has Just 5% Chance of Reaching Paris Climate Goal, Study SaysYahoo News


Carbon in Atmosphere Is Rising, Even as Emissions StabilizeThe New York Times


Half of World Could See Deadly Heat Waves By 2100. Climate Central


We Just Breached the 410 Parts Per Million Threshold. Climate Central


Common Sense Climate Index: Portrays increases temperatures across time for the globe


Sydney’s Swelter Has a Climate Change Link, Scientists Say. The New York Times


Climate Change Could Make Illinois Dangerously Hot. Chicago Magazine


Another Record Month for Warming, As Science Looks Way Back for Parallels. MinnPost


Massive Permafrost Thaw Documented in Canada, Portends Huge Carbon ReleaseInside Climate News


Emissions Carbon Dioxide Levels in Atmosphere Forecast to Shatter Milestone. The Guardian


Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Just Reached a Huge Record High. The Washington Post


The Hottest Cities in U.S. vs. the Fastest Warming. Climate Central


As Oceans Warm, Marine Life and People Who Depend on It, Struggle to Adapt. Inside Climate News


Stagnant Air on the Rise, Upping Ozone Risk. Climate Central


"99 Percent Chance" 2016 Will Be Hottest Year. Climate Central


10 Clear Indicators Our Climate is Changing. Climate Reality


100 Years of Warming in the National Parks. Climate Central


The Climate Post: February’s Record Heat Astounds Scientists. Huffpost Green


Africa’s Most Vulnerable Face an Even Hotter Future. Climate Central


2016 Already Shows Record Global TemperaturesThe New York Times


Dangerous Global Warming Will Happen Sooner Than Thought: Study. The Guardian






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