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Lists and descriptions of cli-fi literature

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List of Cli-fi Literature




Environmental book list


Kasey Short. The Meeting of Climate Science and Literature. Edutopia


Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Generations


Climate Fiction and Non-fiction Reading Guide. The Climate Generation


Climate Fiction and Other Important Readings to Support Climate Change Education. The Climate Generation


Cli-Fi Novels: Amy Brady's blog


2022 Green Earth Book Awards


Burning Worlds: Amy Brady's review of cli-fi


Nature, Culture and Literature: Series of books on literature and climate change. Brill


Five Must-Read Novels on the Climate Crisis


2021 Green Earth Book Award Long List Announced


Climate Change Narratives in Australian Fiction


Sparky & Benny's Big Home Mystery: Children's book about climate change


Writers on Earth: Young people writing essays and poems about climate change


Rich Novack: Environmental Book List


Climate Fiction in English. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature


Climate Fiction. Wikipedia


Climate Fiction and Other Important Readings to Support Climate Change Education. Climate Education


Climate Change in Australian Fiction


Visual Narratives about Environmental Justice


The Seven Most Crucial Climate Change Novels. Quartz


Young adult literature on climate change


“Cli-Fi”: A Genre to Save the Planet?  YA Wednesday Blog


25 Books That Teach Kids To Care About The Environment. Huffington Post Life


Bird Jobs of the Future and Other Avian-Inspired Stories From the Year 2100. Audubon Magazine


Flash Fiction and Cli-Fi: Interview with author Anna Orridge


What is Cli-Fi? A Beginner's Guide to Climate Fiction


Teaching About Climate Justice with Poetry. Zinn Education


Every Day is Earth Day: 365 Books to Start Your Climate Change Library. Literary Hub


Children's Books About Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections


How Science Fiction Helps Readers Understand Climate Change. BBC Culture


How Amazon's Cli-fi Collection Broadens the Field. Yale Climate Connections


Scientist's take: 'Cli-fi' can make a difference. Yale Climate Connections


Michael Svoboda: Cli-fi Books for the Summer Solstice. Yale Climate Connections


Is Climate-Themed Fiction All Too Real? We Asked the ExpertsThe New York Times


James Bradley: Best Climate Change Fiction


Warmer: Collection of cli-fi stories on Amazon


Bill McKibbon: How Sci-Fi Can Help Fight Climate Change. Wired Magazine  


Classic Nature Literature 


Goodreads: Cli-fi Literature


Debut Novelist Draws on the Echoes of Storms. Yale Climate Connections


Can Poetry Turn the Tide on Climate Change? The Adelaide Review




Eco-fiction: List of hundreds of eco-fiction books categorized by topic


Eco-fiction: Green reads: Short stories to download


Recording: Telling the Story of Climate Change--In Fiction. Science Friday


Picture Book Empowers Children, Families To Tackle Climate Change. Scienmag


Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction


Dell, A., & Eschrich, J.  (Eds) (2019). Everything Change, An Anthology of Climate Change Fiction, Vol. II. Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State University


interview with Aaron Thier, author of Mr. Eternity. Yale Climate Connections


EcoLit Books  


Plays about climate change


5 New Novels Make Fiction Out of Eco-Disaster. New York Times Book Review


Sarah Holding’s Top 10 Cli-Fi Books. The Guardian 


YALSA: Cli-fi (Climate Fiction) in YA Lit


12 Books on Climate Change that Everybody Should Read 

Bookshelf: Hot Reads for Hot Months: Recommended nonfiction and fiction books. 
Yale Climate Connections


More "Cli-fi" in the College Classroom: Great (and Not-So-Great) Climate Doomsday Stories. The College Fix


Goodreads: Climate Change Book Lists


The Dangers Of Climate Change Are Real In This New Comic Anthology. Huffington Post


Dan Bloom blog on cli-fi 


Gary's Climate Change Book Recommendations


Climate Fiction: Can Books Save the Planet? The Atlantic


Climate Change Poem of the Day. The Guardian


Smith, J., Tyszczuk, R., & Butler, R. (Eds.) (2014). Culture and climate change: Narratives. Cambridge, UK: Shed. 


Graphic Novel, Climate Changed 


The Birth of "Cli-fi": Books that Tackle Climate Change. Minnesota Public Radio


Nation's First Cli-Fi Book Club, Stillwater, Minnesota 


Crum, M. (2015). The end of the end of the world. Huffpost Arts (review of "techno-optimism" short stories)


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