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Specific classroom activities and study guides on climate change

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Environmental Education Digs Deep: Descriptions of projects in different schools


Teaching Climate Justice. Zinn Education


The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change


Turning Misinformation Into Educational Opportunities: Climate Change Lesson Plans. National Center for Science Education


Climate Change Schools Project: Resources for teachers


A Climate Change Guide for Kids. The New York Times


Ecological Footprint Calculator: Have students determine their carbon footprint


Lesson Plans: The Pulitzer Center


Granshaw, F. (2020). Climate toolkit: A resource manual for science and action. PDXScholar


Climate Change: From Knowledge to Action: Course on climate change taught at The Choate School


The Greenhouse Effect. OER Commons

Environmental Literacy and Inquiry climate change curriculum. Lehigh University

National Center for Science Education: Lots of resources


Teaching the Implications of Climate Change and Hurricane HarveyEducation Week


Take Action: Climate Generation: Activities for analyzing climate change effects


Inquiry to Student Environmental Action (I2SEA): Activities for students to analyze climate change effects


Climate Kids Guided Big Questions. NASA


Climate Change Impacts Alaska Glaciers. OER Commons


Climate Curriculum: K-12 Science Lessons on Climate Change


Energy Choices: Environmental Issues Forum in the Classroom Middle School Teacher Guide. NAAEE


Energy Choices: Environmental Issues Forum in the Classroom High School Teacher Guide. NAAEE


A Students' Guide to Global Climate Change


Shelli Rottschafer: Power Point: Food Justice and Recovering an Ecological Citizenship. ALSE Conference


Shelli Rottschafer: Description of activities: Food Justice and Recovering an Ecological Citizenship


Shelli Rottschafer: Description of other activities: Food Justice and Recovering and Ecological Citizenship


Teach the Earth: Lots of courses or units on climate change


Lesson Plans and Case Studies: Urban Environmental Education


Global Environmental Education Project: Case studies of activities


Melting Glacier Offers Teachable Moment. Yale Climate Connections


Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything Study Guide

Pinterest: Climate change activities


CLEAN: Activities for high school students


The New York Times Learning Network: Activities for teaching about climate change


Story of Stuff: Activities for addressing the problem of consumption


Cool California: Classroom activities


Cool Australia: Classroom activities


Jessica Poling: Review of Elizabeth Kolbert's, The Sixth ExtinctionAn Unnatural History: Classroom activities


Jacob Colegio and Lauren Koch: Review of George Marshall's Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change: Classroom activities






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