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Water sustainability and climate change

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A Quarter of Humanity Faces Looming Water Crises. The New York Times


Video: The Carbon Cycle: How oceans absorb CO2. NOAA


How Bad Is the Western Drought? Worst in 12 Centuries, Study Finds. The New York Times


California Snowpack Vastly Depleted After Record Dry Start to Year. The Washington Post


These Maps Tell the Story of Two Americas: One Parched, One Soaked. The New York Times


Drought Monitor of U.S. map experiencing droughts.


Severe Drought, Worsened by Climate Change, Ravages the American West. The New York Times


Reclaimed Water Could Be the Solution to Farming in a Drier Future. Yes! Magazine


Study: Drought-breaking Rains More Rare, Erratic in US West. Minneapolis StarTribune


Can’t Let the Taps Run Dry: Managing Water in an Unpredictable Climate. Yes! Magazine


This Giant Climate Hot Spot is Robbing the West of Its Water. The Washington Post


US Faces Fresh Water Shortages Due to Climate Change, Research Says. Thompson Reuters


Climate Change and the Water Cycle. The Climate Reality Project


Think Water: Project to focus attention on water sustainability


The World’s Oceans Are in Danger, Major Climate Change Report Warns. The New York Times


Ocean Heat Waves Are Threatening Marine Life. The New York Times


As High-Tide Flooding Worsens, More Pollution Is Washing to the Sea. Yale E360


The Seafloor Is Dissolving Because of Climate Change. Motherboard


United States Drought Monitor: Map images of drought impacts


Water. Water. Everywhere: Course on water and sustainability. University of Minnesota


Stillsuits for Cities: Recycling water. University of California, Berkeley


Colorado River Levels Declining Significantly Because of Climate Change, USGS Study Finds. The Weather Channel


Climate Change Sucks Moisture From the West, Adding to Droughts, Fires, Federal Study Reveals. Miami Herald


Water Sustainability video production project, University of Minnesota


Nor Any Drop to Drink?: Why the Great Lakes Face a Murky Future. The New York Times Book Review


The Colorado River and Its Unnatural World. The New York Times Book Review


What the Muck of Walden Pond Tells Us About Our Planet. The New York Times


The Water Data Drought: Need for the federal government to collect data on water sustainability. The New York Times


How the Drought Boosts Your Utility Bills and Global Warming. San Francisco Chronicle


Water Shortages Along the Colorado River Are Expected as the World Heats Up, Threatening Supplies for 40 Million People. Yale Climate Connections


Drought Impacting One in Three Americans this Fall. USA Today


California Drought Enters Its 6th Year. EcoWatch


Climate Change Has Been Making Western Forest Fires Worse for Decades, Study Says. The Washington Post


California Forests Failing to Regrow After Intense Wildfires. Inside Climate News


Saving the Great Oasis from Decertification: Reforestation in the desert of Oman. The New Yorker


Australia's Lesson for a Thirsty California. The New York Times


Healthy Forests Soak Up Carbon. Yale Climate Connections


NASA: Megadrought Lasting Decades Is 99% Certain in American Southwest. EcoWatch


Water Is the Climate Challenge, Says World Bank. New Security Beat 


"Climate Change is Water Change"--Why the Colorado River System is Headed for Major Trouble. Washington Post


What Is Ocean Acidification? Vox


Living in China's Expanding Deserts. The New York Times


Farmers Adapt to 'Too Much, Not Enough' Water. Yale Climate Connections


How Growing Sea Plants Can Help Slow Ocean Acidification. Yale Environment 360


Consequences of Climate Change: Lessons about Water Availability and Extreme Weather. The Ohio State University 


The Facts About Climate Change and Drought. Climate Reality


Drought. Carleton College


Options for Decoupling Economic Growth from Water Use and Water Pollution. United Nations Environmental Program

Calculate Your 'Beyond the Faucet' Water Consumption. 
Yale Climate Connections


The Great Barrier Reef: A Catastrophe Laid Bare. The Guardian


A Thirst for Power: The Water Energy Nexus. Climate Reality


How Climate Change Dries up Mountain Streams. PhysOrg


Climate Change Could Alter Interactions among Species. Scientific American


Lake Mead Drops to Lowest Level in History. EcoWatch


The Dead Sea is Shrinking at Alarming Rate, a Record Low-Point for Earth. EcoWatch


The Weird Weather That Entrenched California’s Drought. Climate Central


Climate-Related Death of Coral Around World Alarms Scientists. The New York Times


The World’s Energy Supply Relies on Water. Guess What We’re Running Low On? Grist 


Climate Change is Decimating Maine's Lobster Population. Huffington Post


Sierra Nevada Snow Won’t End California’s Thirst. The New York Times


Study Shows 4 out of 5 British People are Unaware of Ocean Acidification. Science Magazine


5 Ways Climate Change Is Affecting Our Oceans. Environmental Defense Fund


5 Things You Might Not Know About Mountains and Climate Change. Conservation International


With All Those Lakes and Aquifers Could Minnesota Run Short of Water, Yes. MinnPost


Climate of Change: interactions Between Water, Air, and Ice


Options for Decoupling Economic Growth from Water Use and Water Pollution. United Nations 


National Geographic: Pristine Seas Project


To Keep People From Going Thirsty: University of Minnesota


Saving Coral Reefs Requires Halting Climate Change. Huffington Post


Tuna and mackerel populations suffer catastrophic 74% decline, research shows. The Guardian 


The Global Coral Bleaching Event


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